Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Class' Commitment

A major funding commitment for the Class of 1970 is: The Class of 1970 Speaks Up, a five part lecture program that will run for the period 2005-2010. At the Class's 35th Reunion, Class President Charlie Carroll announced that the Class would put $20,000 towards this program ($4000 per year).

What's unique about it is that undergraduate majors in selected departments will invite speakers and coordinate the events, which will be open to the public (especially members of the Class of 1970). Majors will work with a faculty advisor and, as needed, members of the Class of 1970 will get involved in the planning too.

The belief is that this program will enrich the quality of the educational experience on several levels. Obviously, top-notch speakers will be brought in and their thoughts will be exciting. But, on a more subtle level, undergraduates will be empowered ro make decisions that rarely are put in their hands. They aren't working without safety nets -- the faculty advisors will play roles -- but they will be negotiating, coordinating, staging events that may see hundreds of guests come to campus to be entertained and educated.

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